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About Nat

Thanks for visiting my blog!  I am a mom to two wonderful children, Anna and Jack.  My husband, Michael, is the most amazing husband ever. I have just wrapped up an 11-year teaching career and am now taking time off to love and raise our two, soon-to-be-3, children.  I love to make things, play with my kids, and am trying really hard to live in the present.  I have to try hard because I’m really not very good at it- I’m better at dwelling on what is coming up or reflecting on what has already passed.  I hope you enjoy reading my posts- I want this blog to be a reflection of many things, but mostly about my family and our adventures.

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  1. Mandy permalink
    July 29, 2009 1:54 am

    Hi Nat,
    Just wanted to say hello and how beautiful and big the kids are getting. It is amazing how time sneaks away from us. Hope all is well. Enjoy your last months of summer. Looks like you are heading back to the classroom. Things are pretty good here generally. Going through our 5th Flood at the condo. It is truely a nightmare. Poor tenants. Our new place is much more dry! 😉

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