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March 2012

March 31, 2012

 March has been a super busy month for us.  We finished up some major house projects, and ended with birthday celebrations galore.

Below, we have Jack hangin’ on the couch with his Papa (balloon string in hand).  Anna playing with her beloved Connectagons (fairy edition).  Emily being her cute self, and Jack at a craft fair I went to with Rosy- there was a whole row of motorcycles- he was in heaven.

My wonderful Aunt sent some cute playdresses for Anna to wear this summer.  She loves them!  And I think she’d like to be a model.  Bottom row:  Jack with Lisa at his party- cuddle bug!  Jack’s boots from his birthday- I need to clean them because they are covered in mud- he loves them.  And from his party- just before I was ready to take him out to do his birthday song & candle, I slammed his fingers in the door (on accident, of course).  Recovery was difficult.  I’m sure next year he’ll ham it up, regardless of smashed fingers.

I believe all of these were taken by my friend, Tonya.  Tonya has a lovely blog and an excellent eye for photography- she captured some cute moments at the party, and some beautiful ones as well.  She has twins in kindergarten- Anna was in love with both of them.  I am indebted to Tonya, as she shared so many photos for me to use on my other blog- they really made me look like I knew what I was doing!

 March is definitely going out like a lion for us- Em is sick.  Boo to that.  Her fever is so bad that we have to double medicate with Tylenol & Motrin.  Boo to that.

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