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March 30, 2012

Man, oh MAN I’m behind!  Here come some posts!  Starting with our trip to Disneyland!

Our trip got off to a rough start.  Mental note:  next time check to be sure there aren’t any MARATHONS the day of our visit.  Sheesh.  It took us two hours to just get from the freeway to the parking garage and into a parking spot.  Talk about a lesson in patience!

Once we got there, however, the kids were in heaven.  Jack was pretty clueless the whole time, but he still had fun.  Anna ate up every moment with every character- she loved it.

Below we have:  Meeting Tinkerbell; Toon Town; and meeting lots of friends at the character breakfast at the Paradise Pier hotel.  It was super cute!

More breakfast at the hotel- I think we’ll look for a princess version of this next time.

I think my least favorite part of Disneyland:  waiting in line with small children.  It’s one thing to wait as a rational adult who understands that their turn will eventually come.  It’s another to wait with a little girl who can’t WAIT to meet a few princesses.  Other than that, though, the kids did really well. 

We will have another trip in the next year since Michael was able to appeal to Disney and get us another round of tickets.  Anna got bonked in the head before the Pooh ride, and it was totally human error.  After a few very mature emails from Michael they sent us some tickets- hooray!

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