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January 2012

January 29, 2012

I haven’t taken nearly enough pictures yet this year.  I say that in partial truth and partial humor- it’s only January!  But I have been so busy trying to finish up loose ends before starting my new job this month.  Yup!  A new job- working from home, on the computer, and I love it.  Something to work towards, lots of motivation, and I’m happy to be trying something a bit different.

Onto the kids. They are so busy.  Each of them seems to be going through a change of some sort every time we blink.   In birth order:

Anna is becoming quite the sassy pants.  She is constantly questioning our parenting decisions, and constantly questioning everything she sees.  We’re hearing “why?” a lot right now. Anna is really into art and stickers.  She would love it if I’d just unleash her in my office/craft space, but I’m not quite ready to do that yet- it’s a mess in there, still.  She is so independent, which is highlighted by the other two since they still need me a lot more, at least in a physical sense.  I will register Anna for kindergarten next month.  That. Is. Crazy.

Jack is quite the little man.  Just last week I was allowed to give him a haircut with not a single tear.  It was such a milestone.  He actually had fun during it.  He must get his thick hair from his daddy because it certainly is not mine.  Jack is talking up a storm and he uses some really hilarious voices sometimes.  I commented to Michael that sometimes it feels like we gave birth to a cartoon because of Jack’s funny voices.  He’s also starting the potty training journey, and I can tell it will be one that will require great patience.  He’s doing great, and taking plennnnty of time.  My goal is to just let him lead the way and decide when he’s ready.

Emily is quite the little miss.  She is such a happy, laid back baby.  I’m thankful that this is the case because she really has no choice in the matter.  Just today I discovered her first tooth coming in on the bottom.  That’s really throwing her for a loop.  She is also sitting up on her own for short periods- she has to be placed in a sitting position, but then she is quite delighted to hold a toy until she either gets tired or someone (no idea who) knocks her over. I still look at her blue eyes and marvel- they are so pretty, and so very much like her daddy’s.

Here are some shots from this month.  Not nearly enough, but better than nothing.

These are from a trip to see and hear Hullabaloo sing at the Bernardo Winery.  Luke was still on winter break, so we were happy to see him.  Jack was quiet for most of the performance but did give me some smiles.

Fun at the dinner table and with Miss Em.  She’s started solid foods now.

Anna and Jack love to sit with Em in her play yard.  For now the only time they can go in is to help her “practice” sitting up.  Otherwise it’s Em’s space to play without getting trampled.

This cracks me UP.  Emily makes this face when she eats and it’s just hysterical.  She only does it at home, too.  She purses her lips, wrinkles her nose, and it’s almost like she’s snorting through her sweet little nose.  Priceless.

Fun in the tub with Mr. Bubbles bubble bath.  We don’t use these every time so they are a special treat.

I love this picture.  Anna has been very intent on helping Emily learn how to sit up.  I so wish I had a “proper” camera to take pictures like this- they’d be way better.  Someday I will.

That’s it for now, but we’ll have a 2nd round of January pictures from…. the happiest place on Earth!  Woo hoo!

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