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November 2011

January 1, 2012

I hardly took any pictures this month, and I think it’s because somewhere in November I became obsessed with our closets.  Seriously- I was possessed.

Let’s start with Miss Em, shall we?  She’s pushing up when on her tummy.  I still get crazy looks when I tell people that I don’t do tummy time with our kids- they don’t need it!  They just pop up on their own at about this age.  I love these pictures- she’s in her “jungle bed” (a.k.a. baby contraption #8,320,000).   She was cooing and ah-ing at herself- it was adorable, of course.

Emily is quite possibly the happiest baby ever, as evidenced by these photos taken during a diaper & clothing change.  She giggles and smiles at the slightest funny sound. She is also grabbing and gnawing on her toes.  So sweet.

Lastly, Em is playing in her exersaucer- she loves it!  I think she likes being upright the best- if I put her in there and she’s not hungry or tired, she can hang in here for up to an hour.  Lucky mommy!

Jack is talking more and more- it’s helping in a lot of areas.  He’s also really getting into focused playing with toys.  Here he is sitting next to some blocks he lined up, which is a big thing for him to do.  He was super proud of them, too.

Anna is still drawing up a storm.  She is also obsessed with her baby sister.  She loves making her laugh and smile and will do anything it takes to see her baby sister happy.

Over Thanksgiving weekend we had a visitor in our yard.  There is definitely a pack of coyotes living in the hills behind our house- we hear them yip and howl at night.  This one must have been super hungry because we saw him in the early morning hours trying to root out a gopher.  Unfortunately he was not successful, but we were cheering him on because…we have a TON of gophers in our yard!

Thanksgiving was so busy that I hardly took pictures, and of course, the one cute one I take: blurry.  But it’s still cute- Em and her Papa Chiles.

December is up next!

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