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October 2011

November 7, 2011

Warning:  picture-heavy post ahead!

October started with the end of my parents’ visit. Boo.  But we did get this awesome picture:

After they left, Jack felt it necessary to express his displeasure at being given a grilled cheese sandwich:

We had a few days to prepare for Jenna, John & Ella’s visit.  Jenna and John are friends from college, and now they have beautiful, sassy and fun Ella- she’s 2.  We have tons of fun memories together, and having friends like them is what makes life awesome.  I love it when you can be away from people for so long, and then when you see them again it’s like no time has passed.

Jenna took all of the following photos with her camera.  You’ll be able to tell when they go back to my camera- the pictures will not look nearly as cool anymore.  🙂

We decided to hit Sea World.  What was nice is that we hadn’t been in ages, so it was new for all of us again.  And, we decided to stay all day.  Anna is forever telling me that she wishes we could “stay all day” wherever we go, so this was super fun for her.

Ella and Jack sort of look like they are on a reality TV show in the one on the left, don’t they?  “We are ready to take this place on!”

Sweet Ella.

I  had all 4 kids on me- hilarious!

Anna jumping- so happy she got to go in.

Ella Bella

Jenna and I loved these mirrors- Jack wasn’t so sure…

Sweet Em just hangin’ in the stroller

John provided plenty of rides for Anna

Visiting the dolphins- one of my favorite parts

Feed the seals- so fun and they are so ridiculous about a few fish!

Sweet Anna

Michael was able to come for the last half of the day.  He showed up at just the right time- we were doing fine without him, but having one more adult made it much more pleasant.

Getting some wiggles out

Rides: something I get to do with my kids forever- Michael doesn’t do rides well (but he gets to do the ER runs- fair trade?)

When all else fails, get some chocolate ice cream.

Jack was very into his ice cream.  So was Ella, as evidenced by that awesome chocolate face.

Checking out the “tidepools” before the Shamu Show


…and we’re done.  Or at least Ella was- she fell asleep in John’s arms before we even reached the car.  The sign of a good day.  An awesome day.

Other pictures from their visit:

So sad they couldn’t stay forever.   I really think if we lived in the same city I’d need and want to live within walking distance.  We love you, John, Jenna & Ella!

Cool coloring placemats

Anna is forever coloring and writing


Jack is obsessed with motorcycles.  On the right- this is how I found him at the end of his nap.  He had put on PJ pants, or at least tried to- he could only get them just above his knees, then he gave up and fell asleep.

Anna asked to hold Emily, which is a normal request…

….but Jack finally caught on and asked to hold her for the first time.  For some reason I didn’t want to pressure him to hold her, so I just waited.  I knew he’d ask eventually.  It was super sweet- he didn’t want to give her up, gave her kisses and hugs, and kept saying, “Hi, Em-o-lee, hi!”

Face painting


Bates Nut Farm

Em with her Godfather

Halloween Festivities

To see more about Anna’s costume, click here.

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